Band Pullovers – The Torso Builder

The traditional dumbbell pullover is an train bodybuilders have been doing for ages. Again within the Golden period they had been credited with constructing larger lats, pecs, and serratus. Many prime bodybuilders additionally swore they elevated the dimensions of your rib cage too. You will have in all probability seen outdated black and white footage of individuals like Arnold Schwarzenegger doing them.


And a few individuals went so far as to name them the higher physique squat.



Repair Your Dumbbell Pullover

Whereas there isn’t any doubt that the dumbbell pullover is an train that trains a number of muscle tissues directly, it does have a serious drawback in widespread with many different dumbbell workout routines.


This drawback is that it’s resistance profile isn’t ideally suited. On the backside of the elevate the lengthy lever arm implies that large quantities of rigidity undergo the lats and higher pecs. As you elevate, nonetheless, the lever arm shortens.


The stress on the muscle tissues drops considerably, making the highest half of the elevate very straightforward. As you’ll be able to in all probability guess, this makes this portion of the elevate largely redundant from a muscle constructing standpoint.


Fixing this difficulty is straightforward, low cost, straightforward to do, and efficient. The addition of a band anchored behind you means that you can preserve rigidity on the muscle all through the complete vary.


When executed like this the band retains including rigidity all through the vary whereas the resistance offered by the dumbbell reduces (as a result of lever arm shortening). Slightly than solely having to work arduous for half of the elevate you now get a muscle constructing problem throughout the entire vary. That provides as much as larger chest and lats!


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